As a non-profit Stronger Co. provides services to survivors at no cost. All services are provided via donations. We are so very thankful for our wonderful donors who make this possible!

Services Stronger Co. Provides

Stronger Course

Our Stronger Course is a 6 week group course that provides clients with the experience of being surrounded by other women who are suffering in a similar way. Survivors learn how to set boundaries, a biblical view of marriage & divorce, an understanding of the trauma they have experienced and strategies to cope with it. They will gain an understanding of their true identity in Christ while supporting and encouraging one another.

Individual Coaching Services

Survivors often struggle to find anyone who has experienced what they have. Attempting to make life altering decisions amongst heavy emotions is extremely challenging. Individual coaching sessions provide godly guidance for survivors as they attempt to navigate extremely murky painful waters.

Practical Support

Many women who are experiencing adultery, abuse, or abandonment, are also experiencing financial abuse. Oftentimes they are stay at home moms, with no money of their own or no access to the money from their household. Not only are they unable to pay for the help and support they need, they often are not able to provide the basics that they and their children desperately need, such as groceries, gas, clothing, or a roof over their head. Stronger supports the practical needs of survivors by providing gift cards for practical needs, as well as by advocating for and connecting survivors to resources available to them in their local church and community.

“The Stronger Course was so helpful to me. Getting to connect with others in the same journey who understood where I was. Having Carly as a guide has been such a gift; to bounce what I’m going through off of someone who’s already been there.”