How You Can Help


At Stronger we believe in the power of prayer. Spend time in prayer for our clients and their children. Click here for a copy of our Prayer for Survivors if you would like some guidance in how you can pray for survivors.


You can help advocate for survivors in multiple ways. Go to social media and help spread the word about Stronger’s mission and services. Like and share our posts so that we can reach more survivors. Share our website with you church staff so that we can partner with them to serve more survivors.


Stronger trains volunteers to help the survivors within their own churches and communities. Volunteers act as a liaison between Stronger and the local church to help connect survivors to the specific support they need. Volunteers help survivors find that support both within the walls of their local church and through Stronger Co. Email us at to be added to our list of volunteers.


Stronger Co. provides all services to our clients at no cost to them. Survivors often have no means to acquire the support they desperately need. It is only because of our generous donors that we are able to provide these services. One time donations as well as monthly support options are available and every little bit matters! Head to our DONATIONS page if you feel led to give in this way.