StrongerCo Provides Services Through Donations

There are many ways you can support Stronger through donations, whether it’s by sponsoring a class, a one-time donation, or a recurring donation.

Stronger Co. Services:

Stronger Course

Our Stronger Course is a 6 week group course that provides clients with the experience of being surrounded by other women who are suffering in a similar way. Read more details on the course here.

Program & Future Growth

We are constantly working to strengthen our program both internally and also through training individuals and groups in churches around the country.

Individual Coaching Sessions

Survivors often struggle to find anyone who has experienced what they have. Attempting to make life altering decisions amongst heavy emotions is extremely challenging. Read more details on these coaching sessions here.


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Opportunities to Support

One-Time and recurring donations of any amount are welcome. Funds go to pay for women to attend the Stronger Course, to receive individual coaching, and to practical support.

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